trailer Sponsorship Program


In July 2022 we opened up our new trailer sponsorship program. Our goal for the program is to give corporate entities the opportunity to put their brand in front of hundreds of disaster survivors, first responders, and volunteers annually while giving us the ability and funding to maintain and upgrade our fleet of response trailers.

Sponsorship funds are used for routine maintenance, general & emergency repairs, planned upgrades to equipment, branding, and everything that goes into operating a fleet of trailers and keeping them ready to deploy on short notice. "Partial Sponsorships" begin at $10,000 and go all the way up to $80,000 for a "Lifetime Spsonship" of a new trailer.

Response Shower Trailers

We currently have five sponsorships available for our Disaster Response & Relief Shower Trailers. These typically get the most work and exposure and require the most maintenance. We are working to upgrade all five units with onboard generators, improved shower stalls, bench seats, flooring, ventilation, and stronger interior wallboard to improve the responder's experience.

LTR Shower Trailers

We have two Shower Trailers currently designated for Long-Term Disaster Recovery operations. While these trailers can be used for Response & Relief as well, they are better suited to years of continuous operations supporting volunteers working to rebuild communities after a disaster. Of our two LTR Showers, one is available for an annual sponsorship and the second is available for a "Lifetime Sponsorship" as a build partner.

16-Bed "Dorm" Trailers

We currently have six sponsorships available for our Disaster Response, Relief, & Long-Term Recovery 16-Bed Bunk Trailers. These trailers are typically deployed for first responders and volunteer housing needs following a disaster. These were deployed more than two years following Hurricane Harvey, housing thousands of Disaster Recovery volunteers.

Laundry Trailers

We have two "Lifetime" Sponsorships available for our build partners for both of our planned Laundry Trailers. One is designed for Disaster Response & Relief efforts and the smaller unit is geared toward Long-Term Disaster Recovery, but can be used in Response & Relief as well. Laundry Trailers have been our second most requested asset following a major disaster event. In fact, we have a pending request for the smaller trailer to go to Orange, TX in October.

For more information on becoming a trailer sponsor, please use the Contact Us link.