(down for rebuild)

November 2021, we'll begin disassembling ST-4 in preparation for a complete overhaul. Scroll down to read more about the impact ST-4 has had since we took delivery of it in May 2018, and our plans to rebuild the trailer.

ST-4 is perfect for long-term disaster recovery support and we love the design of the trailer! So much so that we plan to duplicate it for additional LTR shower/laundry trailers.


We took delivery of Shower Trailer-4 in may of 2018, sight unseen from a church organization in North Dakota. While it was advertised as new, we found that part of the subfloor was water damaged from windows being left open. We had no choice but to make some expedient repairs and get the trailer deployed to Rockport, TX to begin Hurricane Harvey recovery. The trailer has been deployed in four communities for 38 of the 42 months we've owned it. It has provided tens of thousands of showers for disaster recovery volunteers, washed countless loads of laundry, and saved our recovery partners $513,000 in rental savings. That's a pretty good return on our $25,000 investment!

October 2021, we took ST-4 offline and relocated it to Montgomery, TX to undergo a complete refurbishment. Our staff and Support Team Volunteers will begin disassembling and demoing the interior of the trailer.


The scope of this rebuild is a complete interior rip-out, down to an empty trailer shell. We will rebuild with waterproof materials using as little wood-based materials as possible. We'll seal and waterproof any wood materials used in the rebuild. We'll repair, replace, or upgrade nearly every system and interior panel on ST-4 during this overhaul. ST-4 will serve as a testbed for all future repairs and new trailer projects.

- Remove all OSB wallboards - Install Nudo ColumnCorr FRP wall covering
- Remove all subfloor - Install composite waterproof subfloor
- Remove all flooring - Install Protect-All seamless vinyl flooring
- Remove all water damaged interior wall framing - Install waterproofed wood or aluminum wall studs
- Remove FRP plywood exterior walls - Install new composite waterproof wall panels
- Add steel subfloor supports as needed - Install heat strip in rooftop A/C
- Install A/C ductwork to all rooms - Relocate plumbing lines for easier access for repairs
- Install 12 volt system for fans and LED lighting - Replace both 120 volt electrical panels with a single panel box


The cost to completely refurbish ST-4 is estimated to be between $10,000 and $13,000. This would be a great sponsorship opportunity for a home improvement store, plumbing fixture manufacturer, or building material supplier. ST-4 has served tens of thousands of construction-minded volunteers rebuilding homes damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Short of finding that sponsor, we're budgeting this project out of general fund donations. You can help with a designated donation to "ST-4" using the link below.


A HUGE thank you to the companies and individuals that helped us rebuild Shower Trailer-4! If your business would like to sponsor some or all of ST-4's rebuild, please contact us or give us a call.

Eaglin Sandblasting, Montgomery, Texas. Media blast and metal prepping the trailer frame.
Infinity Trailer, Elkhart, IN. Guidance on parts, materials, and best practices. They are our sounding board when we get stuck.
Infinity Trailer Parts, Elkhart, IN. From composite flooring to all the tiny parts to complete the trailer, they ROCK!


Subfloors are water damaged and very soft in some areas

Love the design of the trailer but not materials used

Wall boards swelling from water absorbtion

Mold growing in all four shower rooms

Vents will be replaced with powered exhaust fans

Light switched will be 12 volt and recessed into the walls

A/C to be ducted into the shower rooms

Electrical panels need to be upgraded and accessible

THE tear down

Room 1 torn down minus the floor and ceiling.

Demoed down to the studs to see how it was built and to plan the rebuild.

Looks like the roof may have a small leak too.

Time to borrow a dump trailer...

So grateful for Pamela driving two hours to give us a hand!

Dale traveled nearly two hours as well. Our friends at Team Rubicon are awesome!

Everything has to come out!

Interior completely stripped and flooring removed.

Removing the doors revealed much more water damage. The hole below the green tape should be plywood.

Nearly every FRP plywood wall panel has some water damage.

New composite wall panels will be waterproof and this won't happen again.

While we hoped not to find this, we're glad we found it when we did.

More "Learning" as the front wall comes off.

So grateful for our Support Team Volunteers!

Four of six panels done.
All six were water damaged!

Down to the steel frame and the roof.

THE rebuild

Eaglin Sandblasting

ST-4 is back from sandblasting and in primer, ready for work to begin.

and So it begins

Step 1 of what seems like a million! ST-4 in primer coat waiting for additional steel supports to be installed.

Scan the code, make a donation.


  • 4 large private access shower rooms with sink, mirror, and seat.

  • 2 stacked washer / dryer units

​Site Requirements:

  • Two potable water supplies within 100' of setup location

  • Two 15 amp electrical outlets

  • Greywater discharge location within 100' of setup location (sewer cleanout is preferred but up to the landowner)

This trailer was funded through a grant from Rebuild Texas Fund.