Current Projects

Missions Ranch - Phase 2

We are currently raising funds for Phase 2 construction, which will include the foundation for our shop and office space, as well as a concrete driveway out to Baily Grove Rd.

Shower trailer upgrades

Following our response to Hurricane Laura, we identified a couple of things we could do better to serve communities immediately after the storm. First and foremost was to ensure we had reliable and clean electrical power for our trailers. Having exhausted hope of in-kind donations for generators, we turned to installing generators on our shower trailers.

Shower Trailer-7 will be our test-bed for this project. The objective is to mount four to five 40 pound propane cylinders in the nose of the trailer, install a 6500 watt inverter generator, build enclousures for both compartments, and retain the rest of the overhead compartment for storage.