Current Projects

We have no shortage of projects. Between shower trailer rebuilds and upgrades and new trailer build-outs, there is always something in the works!
We'll keep this list updated and provide links to let you designate your gifts to specific projects.

laundry trailer-2

We've repurposed several components from other trailers to get an operational Laundry Trailer deployed. While we still hope to install three commercial-grade stacked laundry units, using what we had available, at least for now, makes the most of our funding while working to meet the meets of disaster recovery teams. 

Donations to this project will allow us to add the commercial laundry units, A/C, and finish the rest of the trailer when it returns from deployment.

Rapid Response Shower trailers

This project will add onboard electrical generators to five of our current shower trailers (ST-1, ST-5, ST-6, ST-7 & ST-8).

We'll also relocate the propane to the nose of the trailer, add access doors for the storage, generator, and propane compartments, and build fire-resistant walls where needed.

ST-7 is currently in-progress with a funding need of $8,000.

shower trailer-4 rebuild

After more than three years on deployments, ST-4 had to be taken offline for repairs. During disassembly, we found way more water damage than we expected and have the trailer down to a bare steel frame. Materials to "dry-in" the trailer are on order, but we have a long way to go to get back on the road.

ST-4 is in-progress with a current funding need of about $9,000. We'll be back to work on this project in March of 2023.

MOW-6 - service truck

The final "piece of the puzzle" for MOW-6 is a topper shell to secure the bed of the truck. We're very interested in the RSI SmartCap EVOc Commercial. The modular design, strength, and available upgrades make this shell a solid choice for our needs.

At last check, prices with upgrades were around $5,700.