Dormitory Trailers

Dorm Trailers provide quick access to safe, climate controlled sleeping accommodations for those who rush to the disaster.

We operate two types of Dorm Trailers, a trailer-mounted 18 bed expandable shelter (DT-1) and 16-bed bunk only trailers (DT-2 - DT-7). DT-1 gives organizations the flexibility of using the unit for whatever is needed at the moment. Whether it be command and control, office, meeting space, dining hall, or simply bunks. DT-2 - DT-7 are simply beds, designed to house up to 16 responders or volunteers.

Dorm trailers allow our partners to get boots on ground faster and greatly reduces the stress of finding housing. On average, each trailer saves our partners $5,000 to $6,000 per week on rented units and makes beds available for $37,000 to $41,500 worth of volunteer labor per week. Those funds are then applied to the county / state matching funds for FEMA grants.