Missions Ranch

Missions Ranch is what we have named our 5-acre home in NW Montgomery County, Texas. We are thrilled to finally have our own land to stage, secure, work on, and build our trailers! 

As with all of our assets, Missions Ranch is being designed to serve disaster-impacted communities through the Response, Relief, and Recovery phases of a disaster. The building will be able to house approximately 64 first responders and volunteers in four bunk rooms. Add in our Dorm and Bunkhouse Trailers capacity and you have 185 beds available. This facility is simply a steel and concrete expansion of our ongoing mission to provide beds, showers, laundry, and logistics (warehouse) support for other volunteer organizations helping communities recover from a disaster. Fully 2/3's of the five acres is dedicated to this mission with the other 1/3 (the shop, a couple of offices, and some warehouse space) supporting trailer-based operations.

The financial impact on our county and state following a disaster is huge as well. The volunteer labor rate for just the 64 beds in the building is $13,500 per day. At the full 185-bed capacity for a typical 60-day disaster response, the financial impact to our state is $2.8M! 

Phase 1

Phase 1 construction was focused on getting us on the property and operational. This was funded by the sale of our property in Willis, TX.

While it took considerably more work than anticipated to stabilize the sandy soil, we finally completed Phase 1 in July 2021. 


Phase 2 will finally give a place out of the weather to get work done. Words can not express how amazing that day will be!

We will be splitting the building into two separate projects. The first section will be a 4,000 sqft, three-bay shop so we can repair and prep trailers out of the sun and rain. This will greatly reduce the downtime of a trailer needing repairs and help us to make sure they are available when needed.

We are currently working to raise the estimated $550.000 needed for the dirt work, foundation, and utilities required to get the building up and operational.

CORPORATE DONATIONS AND SPONSORSHIPS are invited! We have multiple options to showcase your business's support of Missions Ranch and our community following a disaster. Your investment in helping others during their time of need will be recognized and appreciated.  Contact Mike or Debi for additional information.


Phase 3 will bring Missions Ranch to about 80% of our operational capacity.

This will finish out the other half of the building and give us the capacity to host first responders and volunteer teams at Missions Ranch. We're estimating a 64- bed capacity when the office building and four upstairs bunk rooms are complete. 

This will make long-term disaster recovery in Montgomery County possible. Currently, there is no facility to house long-term disaster recovery (3 to 60 months) volunteers in Montgomery County. In the past, recovery was done by paid contractors until funding ran out, leaving thousands of uninsured/underinsured homeowners with no means of repairing their homes. This, to us, is completely unacceptable.

We estimate the cost of Phase 3 to be between $175K - $250K.


Phase 4 will bring Missions Ranch to 100% operational capacity.

We'll be able to house about 185 responders and volunteers on the campus, stage 75 or more trailers (our own and our partner organizations), and be able to sustain operations for multiple years to help not only our county but surrounding counties rebuild from the next disaster.

The return on investment (ROI) and success of this project is staggering! With an estimated $750,000 total project cost, the return following the next major disaster with a 3-year recovery period is over $11,000,000! 

More importantly, people's homes are repaired, oftentimes to a better living environment than before the storm!