Missions Ranch

Missions Ranch is what we have named our 5-acre home in NW Montgomery County, Texas. We are thrilled to finally have our own land to stage, secure, work on, and build our trailers!

Phase 1

Phase 1 construction was focused on getting us on the property and operational. This was funded by the sale of our property in Willis, TX.

While it took considerably more work than anticipated to stabilize the sandy soil, we finally completed Phase 1 in July 2021.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will finally give a place out of the sun to get work done! Words can not express how amazing that day will be.

We still need to decide which half of the building comes first, office or shop, but the fact that either is an option is amazing.

We're estimating the funding need for Phase 2 between $150K and $175K.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will bring Missions Ranch up to about 90% of our operational capacity.

This will finish out the other half of the building and give us the capacity to host first responders and volunteer teams at Missions Ranch. We're estimating a 200 bed capacity between our trailers and building and will make possible long-term disaster recovery in our area.

We're estimating the funding need for Phase 3 between $150K and $175K.