Missions Ranch Sponsorship Program

Building for the next disaster

We have divided this massive project into four phases. Once fully operational, the campus will have the capacity to house about 64+ first responders and disaster relief/recovery volunteers, stage our equipment as well as assets for several of our non-profit partners and help not only our county but surrounding communities, respond to and recover from the next major disaster event.

How sponsorship funds are used

Sponsorship funds are used exclusively to build, maintain, and operate a disaster-ready campus. These funds are "designated" and as such can only be used for this purpose.

Currently, we are ready to begin clearing trees and moving dirt for the rainwater retention pond, and the roadway out to TX FM-149. We will then focus on laying utilities, site prep for the foundation, drilling for a water well, and installing a septic system. We have several contractors lined up and willing to help make sponsorship funds go as far as possible.

Sponsorships start at just $15,000 and really have no limit. This is a huge project and a huge ask. The payoff for Montgomery and the surrounding counties is much, much greater!

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please use the Contact Us link.