We DO NOT receive funding from federal, state, or local governments to cover our deployment and operational expenses following a disaster. We try very hard NOT to ask our nonprofit partners to cover our expenses either. We believe their funds are better spent helping disaster-impacted residents and communities.

Your donations allow us to not only respond to support first responders, impacted residents, and volunteer organizations immediately after the disaster but also to stay in the community for years after, supporting long-term disaster recovery and rebuilding communities.

monthly giving is easy

Our biggest expenses don't come after the storm but in the weeks and months before the disaster ever happens. Keeping 23 trailers and two trucks insured, fueled, maintained, and deployment-ready is the biggest financial challenge we face. Recurring monthly gifts are what keeps the wheels rolling. It's as easy as one click of the mouse.


Don't like the fees PayPal and others charge? We're not fans either, so we have a couple of ways to give without any of the fees.

PayPal Giving Fund is an easy way to skip the processing fees of regular PayPal giving. Funds are disbursed monthly, so there is a bit of a delay. There is no option for recurring gifts and donation receipts are issued by PayPal Giving Fund.

Facebook Pay is available to Facebook users by simply clicking the "Donate" button under the cover photo. Funds are disbursed within a couple of weeks and there is an option for recurring gifts. This is also a great way to get your peers and friends to help support the cause. Donation receipts are issued by Facebook.

Venmo @Mike-Costello-65


Many recurring donors, especially those giving more than $50 a month, have set us up on their bank's "bill pay" system. This issues and mails a check every month with no fees taken out of your gift.

We are also an eligible charity to receive mandatory minimum distributions from an IRS or retirement account. Talk to us about planned giving!

If your employer offers a Matching Gifts program to match your charitable giving or volunteer hours, please contact to double your donation!