Our mission is to provide portable showers and living quarters trailers to non-profit and government organizations to bolster their response to disaster and community outreach at little or no cost to the organization or user

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how DOES $9,712,236.87

savings to our partners 2016 - 2022 look!

Savings on Trailer Rentals & Transportation: $4,703,661

Value of Volunteer Labor Housed: $5,008,575

Combined Savings to Our Partners & Impacted Communities: $9,712,236*

Communities Served: 60

​States Supported: Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona

*All Deployments, including Disaster Response, Relief, Long-Term Recovery, Shelter Support, and Organization Support Operations.

$9.7M in savings is impressive! What's more impressive is we're able to make that type of impact with an average annual budget of about $200,000 with less than 20% going to Administrative Expenses.

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