Our mission is to provide mobile showers, living quarters, and laundry trailers to non-profit organizations and local governments to bolster their response to disaster and community outreach at little or no cost to the organization or user.

we are veteran founded and operated!

July 8, 2024, Hurricane Beryl swept across SE Texas as a Cat 1 Hurricane. The "dirty" side of the storm left a wake of trees across power lines and hundreds of thousands without power.

We are providing showers at a shelter in Montgomery, and supporting the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management with distrubution of supplies at a POD location, while waiting for power to be restored.

Once online, we will be back in Houston supporting mission teams.

Hurricane Beryl


On October 2nd, 2022 we began deploying trailers in support of relief operations in SW and Central Florida following Hurricane Ian. Trailers have been deployed to Lee, Charlotte, and Polk Counties to support our non-profit partners as they send teams to help impacted homeowners.

January 1, 2023 we transitioned from "relief" to "long-term recovery" operations, which are still ongoing today in Charlotte and Lee Counties.

Currently five Dorm Trailers and one Shower Trailers are deployed in support of long-term recovery operations. Since 10/2/2022 we have saved our partners $1.2M in rental expenses, housed $210K worth of volunteer labor, and served a total of 2,000 volunteers.

Org. Support - 2023, Conroe, TX

August 5th, 2023 we deployed Shower Trailer-1 to Compassion United in Conroe, TX. Compassion United works with many of the homeless or near homeless in our home county. While they have the funding to build their second building, which will house the shower and laundry facilities, it is still about a year from completion. We are honored to be able to facilitate adding this piece to their mission a year ahead of schedule!

Org. Sup. - 2023, N. Fort Myers, Fl

October 2nd, 2023 we re-deployed Shower Trailer-5, fresh off Hurricane Idalaia operations, to North Fort Myers, Florida. ST-5 will be supporting a local church stepping out in faith to serve the estimated 2,500 homeless or near homeless residents in Northern Lee County, FL. 

The church has a shower trailer on order, with an estimated delivery date of January, 2024. We are able, once again, to fill that void and allow this mission to stand up operations much earlier then expected.

2010 - 2023 DEPLOYMENT MAP

Every starred location is a community we've deployed trailers or equipment to support other non-profit organizations or local governments. Our little organization, with a roughly $275,000 annual budget, has saved other organizations about $6.5M since 2016. This is only possible with your financial support of our mission!        Thank you!

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how DOES $11,000,000 in 

savings to our partners 2016 - 2023 look!

Savings on Trailer Rentals & Transportation: $6,251,229

Value of Volunteer Labor Housed: $5,071,906

Combined Savings to Our Partners & Impacted Communities: $11,323,135*

Communities Served: 70

​States Supported: Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona

*All Deployments, including Disaster Response, Relief, Long-Term Recovery, Shelter Support, and Organization Support Operations.