Portable Sinks / Hand Wash Stations

Portable Sink/Hand Wash Stations:

Status: Available

We knew as soon as we finished the shower trailer we would need to add portable sinks of some type to our inventory to support shower trailer operations. Our research into commercially produced portable sinks found three major factors that helped us decide to design and build our sinks.

1) Cost: From $900.00 for cheap particle board to $2,000.00 for plastic covered units.

2) Durability: No units in this price range are recommended for outdoor use and none have a durable framework to handle years of use.

3) Buckets: Nearly all commercially produced units typically use a five gallon fresh water bucket and 6 gallon grey water bucket inside the cabinet and require constant refilling and emptying of buckets.

The “3 Strikes” rule kicked in and we set out to design what we needed.

After pricing the materials and welding labor we realized it was much more cost effective as well. Our cost of materials per unit is $800.00 with welding labor and expendables added in. These units are ideal for OUTSIDE use and are corrosion, rot and mildew resist. Best of all, they are 98% recyclable!

Our portable sinks are constructed on a 1”x1”x1/8” wall T6 6061 aluminum square tube frame and covered with white 1/4" HDPE plastic panels. Each unit will have on-board, point-of-use electric water heater and an ADA compliant faucet. Unlike most commercially produced portable sinks, ours are built for use in extreme conditions. Our sinks do not use buckets inside the cabinet that constantly need to be refilled and emptied. Water is supplied via food grade water hose and grey water carried away in a flat discharge hose, both tied into the shower trailer.

Late November 2014 this project was fully funded by gifts from Suit Up Ministries, Schneider Electric North America Foundation and Apache Deepwater, LLC.