Our mission is to provide portable showers and living quarters trailers to non-profit and government organizations to bolster their response to disaster and community outreach at little or no cost to the organization or user

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We're on the ground with teams providing relief efforts across Florida!

October 2nd we began relief operations in SW and Central Florida from Hurricane Ian. Now, six months later there is still much work to be done! As "relief" transitions to "recovery", we continue to deploy equipment and enable local organizations to reach out to their communities to help rebuild.

We continue to assess the needs of long-term recovery organizations on the ground and are working to meet those logistics needs so organizations can continue working to help communities recover.

Currently five Dorm Trailers and three Shower Trailers are deployed, along with one truck to move trailers as needed.

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 Want to talk about impact?

how DOES $9,712,236.87 

savings to our partners 2016 - 2022 look!

Savings on Trailer Rentals & Transportation: $4,703,661

Value of Volunteer Labor Housed: $5,008,575

Combined Savings to Our Partners & Impacted Communities: $9,712,236*

Communities Served: 60

​States Supported: Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona

*All Deployments, including Disaster Response, Relief, Long-Term Recovery, Shelter Support, and Organization Support Operations.

$9.7M in savings is impressive! What's more impressive is we're able to make that type of impact with an average annual budget of about $200,000 with less than 20% going to Administrative Expenses. 

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